Forgiveness … It’s a word I’ve used a lot over the past few days. I think it’s the biggest lesson I’m learning in life right now, and I’m being tested on how deep it can go.

Forgive is defined in the dictionary as…
*To stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.

*To cancel a debt

Let’s first look at resentment. You may think it’s easier to bury feelings of resentment toward someone who has wronged you rather than deal with them and forgive. Wrong! I have learned that it takes much more effort and causes much more stress on the body to hold resentment inside. In most cases,it’s not hurting the other person for you to hold the grudge. It’s ONLY hurting you. Resentment doesn’t allow you to open your heart to love others in the way that you could. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy your life in the way God intended. It doesn’t allow you to be free, dream, and laugh. It doesn’t allow you reach your full potential. Is anything worth that? Resentment takes up too much room in your heart – nothing is worth missing out on the happiness waiting for you in life.
Letting go = freedom. Showing the love of God and loving others as He loved us is forgiveneness.

I just finished reading a book called “Left to Tell” by Immaculee Ilibagiza. Her story is incredible and a perfect example of forgiveness. She was able to forgive the person who murdered her entire family during the genocide in Rwanda. What a lesson and a perfect example of another person showing God’s love to someone else, who in the eyes of most humans, doesn’t deserve love and forgiveness. We have no excuse to hold resentment against someone else when God loves us unconditionally and forgives us each time we fail Him.

People are brought into our lives for different reasons. I don’t believe that you ever meet someone by accident. Some people stay for life, others may come and go to teach us a lesson. I think I’ve recently had a couple of people come into my life to teach me a lesson about forgiveness. It’s a lesson that I need to keep learning, something I know I can always improve. One thing I know is that my life must radiate love and peace so that those who bring disagreement and hate can’t thrive in my life.

Now, what about guilt? Guilt is defined as:
*responsibility for a crime or for doing something bad or wrong
* a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that you have done something bad or wrong.
I look at it as resentment toward yourself for making a mistake or not measuring up to someone else’s standards. Perfectionism is poison and something that we need to free ourselves from doing. Realizing that everyone is not going to like you or approve of your decisions is simply real life! It’s impossible to please everyone. Accepting and loving yourself as God loves you will free you from the guilt of someone’s disapproval. Don’t look for reasons to be offended. Be strong enough in yourself not to let someone else’s opinion of you or reaction toward you cause you to take offense. Offer love and not hate – be the first to offer hope and forgiveness.
Other people choosing to put guilt on our shoulders is difficult to handle and understand. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, but don’t blame yourself for feeling them. Feel anger and hurt and quickly let it go – move on. Don’t go to sleep feeling angry or resentful towards anyone, including yourself.

In situations of disagreement, take responsibility for your part and ask forgiveness. Forgive yourself even if the other person does not forgive you. Don’t allow this to continue to cause you guilt. The resentment is not healthy for the other person. Pray for them to let it go, but don’t let it weigh on you. Don’t dwell on what they did to you, forgive them and move on.

There will always be people that disapprove – those that cause bad in the world. If we allow ourselves to be angry, we are only adding to the problem. Giving love and acceptance helps resolve the problem. Be the first one to give. It’s not about being right, it’s about giving of yourself and showing love, respect, and acceptance.

I love my Forgive essential oil blend and use it to support my emotions as I learn more about forgiveness and how I need to apply it in my life and relationships.
Forgive contains a variety of herb and tree oils including Thyme, which is the oil of releasing and forgiving. Thyme is one of the most powerful cleansers of our emotions and helps us to release trapped feelings that have been buried for a long time.
Blended with other main ingredients of Spruce, Bergamot (the oil of self acceptance), Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Arborvitae (the oil of Divine grace), and other oils, this renewing blends helps us let go of resentment, guilt (forgiving and accepting yourself), discontentment, and bitterness. It helps us to forgive others, be more tolerant, and see the good in others.

Give love and peace – breathe – live life to the fullest. Life is too short to hold resentment in our hearts. Make room for love, hope, and acceptance and be the best person you can be!